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Feb 24, 2023

How Canadians Live Their Life? An overview of their lifestyle

Living and working in Canada is a dream for many. So when planning for Canada Immigration, make sure you are entering the third-best country in the world. This data was published by US News and World Report in 2019 and 2019, respectively. The reason behind this is the great education system, priority to healthcare, and minimal violence rates. Let us talk about how it is to live a life in Canada.

Demographic statistics

As per the data, Canada’s population is about 36.7 million. There has been a surge due to many people migrating to Canada. You can see diverse cultural people and people more than from 260 different ethnicities.

Geography and climate

To the north side of the Northern America Continent lies the second largest country, Canada. It has more than 2 million lakes and vast mountain ranges. The climate in Canada is again diverse. North Canada has a harsh climate, but most of the population resides in the southern part of Canada, where they see four seasons in a year. Winters are bigger than summer, and some places also see heavy snowfall. Rains are moderate in the Canadian region. Spring is said to be the best season, with pleasant temperatures.


Just as people in Canada are varied, the same way the lifestyle here varies from one person to another. People practice various religions. While planning to move to Canada, you must know that Canadians share common values such as equality, respect for one another, pride, and diversity. Because of these strong values, Canada is a very peaceful, friendly, and safe place to live in.


The two main official languages of Canada are- French and English. Various other languages are spoken based on the regionality they follow.

The social life is excellent as well as with so many scenic places to visit, friendly people and doing lot many things. This makes life in Canada amazing.