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Feb 23, 2023

The top four suggestions for preparing for a phone interview for a job

As part of their initial hiring process, a lot of recruiters and potential employers in Canada ask candidates questions over the phone. The way you conduct yourself during a phone interview will determine whether or not you are hired for the position. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been anticipating a phone interview and are concerned about it. This post will cover some crucial advice for phone interviews.

Be accessible

Being available at the time you promise to be there is one of the most important requirements you must fulfil for a job in Canada. This is primarily due to the fact that recruiters and companies are very busy reaching out to other candidates, and those who are on time will make a better impression. If you don’t meet this requirement, people will assume you aren’t worth their time, which will negatively affect how they initially perceive you. Once you schedule a time to receive the call, be ready to offer them your undivided attention. This will greatly boost your chances of being employed.

Act like an expert

The preparation should be the same as it would be for any other interview. To gain confidence, you can practice speaking on the phone with a friend while pretending as though you are doing a phone interview. One significant benefit of a phone interview is that the interviewer won’t be able to observe your body language or how you reply to a question. Every single impression they have of you comes from the phone, so improving your phone skills is essential if you want to succeed in your phone interview.

Improve your planning

The key to succeeding in every interview is preparation. You must review your CV once more and emphasize all the strengths and skills listed there. Even though the interviewer cannot see you referring to your CV, doing so could result in a miscommunication and a poor impression.

Stay connected.

As you are well aware of the traditional interview process, it is crucial to follow up with the interviewer to show them that you appreciate the time they spent interviewing and evaluating you for the position. Letting them know that you are still interested in the position is a smart move to improve their perception of you. You could inquire about the role to demonstrate your interest in the post.

Never forget that a phone interview is just like any other interview, so there’s no reason to panic. The outcome of your phone interview could determine whether you are hired for the position or are invited for a subsequent interview, so you should treat it seriously. Therefore, it is crucial to approach the phone interview with the utmost respect, to prepare thoroughly, to be confident, and to pay close attention to the interview.