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One of the Prairie provinces of Western Canada, Saskatchewan has its capital at Regina. Its economy is primarily based on agriculture and natural resource industries like forestry and fishing. It boasts two major cities, Saskatoon and Regina. Mostly its area is covered vastly by pristine wilderness. Mostly forested and sparsely populated, Saskatchewan’s residents live primarily in its southern prairie half of the province.

Saskatchewan has a diversified economy with a focus on agriculture, mining and energy, similarly on natural resources such as potash, uranium and oil. The province is also home to several top post-secondary institutions such as University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina. Some of the top sights to visit in Saskatchewan include Prince Albert National Park, Saskatoon Ukrainian Church, Batoche National Historic Site.

  • Capital : Regina 
  • Largest City: Saskatoon 
  • Largest Metro: Greater Saskatoon 
  • Total Area: 651,900 km2 (251,700 sq mi)
  • Official Language: English 
  • Time Zones
             UTC-6.00 (Central) 
             Lloydminster and nearby areas UTC-7.00 (Mountain) 
  • Emergency Number: 
              Local Police or fire departments: 911 (or local police) 
             Spill Control Centre: 1800 667 7525 
             Canadian Coast Guard: 1800 889 8852

  • Did you know? 
             Flower: Western Red Lily 
             Tree: Paper birch 
             Bird: Sharp tailed grouse


The province of Saskatchewan has several transit systems. Few are named below:

1. Moose Jaw Transit
 2. Prince Albert Transit 
3. Regina Transit 
4. Saskatoon Transit 

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