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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of the three maritime provinces in Canada that is located on the east coast of Canada with its capital and largest city being Charlottetown. 
The province maintains Canada's esteemed standard of education. Prince Edward Island has a vibrant and growing economy. Island businesses continue to deliver the highest quality products and service to the marketplace. Its economy features a mix of traditional resources that includes agriculture, fisheries and tourism and has undergone significant modernization even in the new industry sectors including bioscience and advanced manufacturing. Business acumen and entrepreneurship are at the core of PEI's economic success.

Prince Edward Island National Park occupies much of the island's central, northern coastline. Three sections of the park offer beaches, wildlife watching, outdoor activities, historic buildings, and other attractions.

  • Capital : Charlottetown
  •  Largest City: Charlottetown 
  • Largest Metro: Charlottetown 
  • Total Area: 5,660 km2 (2,190 sq mi) 
  • Official Language: English 
  • Time Zones UTC-4.00 (Atlantic) 
  • Emergency Number: 
                  Local Police: 911 
                 Canadian Coast Guard: 18005651633
  •  Did you know? 
                 Flower: Pink Lady’s slipper
                 Tree: Red Oak 
                 Bird: Blue Jay


Transit PEI
 The public transit system in Prince Edward Island is called Transit PEI, which provides bus services across the province.

T3 City Transit
 T3 City Transit is another bus service that operates in Cornwall, Charlottetown, Stratford and Summerside. 

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