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New Brunswick

New Brunswick

Canada’s one of the Atlantic provinces lies on the Atlantic coast, heavily forested and has a diverse landscape, which is also one of the smallest provinces. The capital city Fredericton and other major cities that include Saint John and Moncton contribute to the industries such as forestry, fishing, agriculture and manufacturing. The choice you make to move to New Brunswick will be due to its affordable living and lifestyle, its basic, universal and government funded health care and education system.

Officially a bilingual province with English and French widely spoken. English speaking communities widely occupy the Southern New Brunswick area whereas northern parts are home to French speaking communities. It is also home to many universities and colleges that contribute to its education and research. Fundy National park and Bay of Fundy renowned for its extraordinary tides play a crucial role in the area of Tourism.

  • Capital : Frederiction 
  • Largest City: Moncton 
  • Largest Metro: Greater Monton 
  • Total Area: 72,907 km2 (28,150 sq mi) 
  • Official Language: English, French 
  • Time Zones UTC-4.00 (Atlantic) Summer - UTC-3.00 (Atlantic DST) 
  • Emergency Number: 
                Local Police or fire departments: 911 
                Canadian Coast Guard: 1800 565 1633 

Did you know? 

  • Flower: Purple Violet
  • Tree: Balsam Fir 
  • Bird: Black-capped chickadee


 The province of Alberta has several transit systems. Few are named below:

1. Fredericton Transit

2. Saint John Transit

3. Codiac Transpo 

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