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The Canadian province Manitoba is located in the heart of the country with the capital city of Winnipeg. The major industry which is largest in Canada is Aerospace industry followed by construction making the province having the lowest unemployment rates.The most popular cities in Manitoba are Winnipeg and Churchill. The land of natural beauty, with the strongest and diversified economies and low cost of living, Manitoba is the biggest venue of cultural events in Canada. 

The province has some of the best museums and exhibits around. Known for being the polar bear capital of the world and for its two festivals-Le Festival du Voyageur(large winter festival) and Folklirama(food and cultural festival), Manitoba is the top choice for immigrants to Canada after Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. Manitoba is affordable with lots of employment, entertainment and academic options.

  • Capital : Winnipeg 
  • Largest City: Winnipeg
  •  Largest Metro: Winnipeg Region 
  • Total Area: 647,797 km2 (250,116 sq mi) 
  • Official Language: English 
  • Time Zones UTC-6.00 (Central) Summer - UTC-5.00 (Central DST) 
  • Emergency Number: Local Police or fire departments: 911
  •  Conservation and Climate: 1-885-944-4888 
  • Canadian Coast Guard: 1800 889 8852
     Did you know?
  •  Flower: White trillium
  • Tree: Eastern White Pine 
  • Bird: Common Loon


The province of Manitoba has several transit systems. Few are named below: 
         1. Winnipeg Transit 
              Peggo Card
             Post-Secondary Peggo Card

           2. Brandon Transit 
           3. Thompson Transit 

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