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British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia, as the westernmost province, is located between the Pacific Ocean and the magnificent Rocky mountains and the third largest province in terms of its size. Victoria the capital city is well known for its natural beauty blending coastal regions and lush rainforests whereas Vancouver the largest city with a bustling metropolis. The culturally, ethnically and linguistically divergent province is very friendly and welcoming creating a diverse and vibrant society.

The major attractions in Canada can be the recreational activities like skiing and snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and water sport. Its economy is driven by the industries like technology, film, television production, forestry and tourism. The province offers high quality of life and numerous opportunities for residents and visitors with enhanced benefits from mild climate, diverse landscapes and an inclusive society.

  • Capital : Victoria
  • Largest City: Vancouver 
  • Largest Metro: Greater Vancouver 
  • Total Area: 944,735 km2 (364,764 sq mi) 
  • Total Population: 5000879* as of 2021 
  • Official Language: English 
  • Time Zones
                  Most of province - UTC-8.00 (Pacific) 
                  Summer (DST) - UTC-7.00 (Pacific DST) 
                  Southeastern - UTC-7.00 (Mountain) 
                  Summer (DST) - UTC- 6.00 (Mountain DST) 
                  Eastern - UTC- 7.00 (Mountain) 

  • Emergency Numbers 
                  Local Police of Ontario: 911 
                  Provincial Emergency Program: 1800-663-3456 
                  Canadian Coast Guard: 1800- 899-8852

 Did you know?

  • Flower: White trillium 
  • Tree: Eastern White Pine
  • Bird: Common Loon


The province of British Columbia has several transit systems. Few are named below:

 1. TransLink Buses 
Translink absorbed the BC Transit system for Vancouver a while back and created a cohesive network where one card (the Compass Card) can now be used for access to all methods of transportation. 
The Compass Card: A compass Card is a transit pass.

2. Vancouver’s SkyTrain 

Expo Line 
Millennium Line. 
Canada Line

3. The SeaBus

4. West Coast Express 

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