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Alberta with the capital Edmonton is the fourth most popular and fourth largest province in Canada by area. This is the place where the majestic Rocky mountains that dominate the western horizon exist and the location of Banff and Jasper National Park which are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Calgary with the strong energy sector presence and Edmonton which is the political and administrative hub, better known to be Alberta’s dynamic cities contribute significantly to the province’s economic prosperity. With endless reserves in oil sands and natural gas, the province leads the energy industry and thereby a diverse range of industries that is not limited to agriculture, technology and finance.

 Alberta exhibits a diverse set of cultures and communities, a rich background of cultural heritage, festivals, vibrant spirit, captivating destinations, high standard of living, abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs, access to excellent health care and education. A sumshot of life in Alberta will be more sun, more mountains, more experience, income that is highest in the whole country. Opportunity in the areas of business, work, community, education, arts, culture and nature. Making sure of an affordable living with no health care premiums, no provincial sales tax and with average rent less than the Canadian Median, most Albertans embrace its vividness.

  • Capital : Edmonton 
  • Largest city: Calgary 
  • Largest Metro: Calgary Region 
  • Total Area:661,848 km2 (255,541 sq mi) 
  • Official Language: English 
  • Time Zones: UTC -7.00 (Mountain)  Summer - UTC-6.00 (Mountain DST)
  •  Emergency Number: 911 (Local Police) Alberta Transportation: 1-800-272-9600
Did you know?
  • Flower: Wild rose 
  • Tree: Lodgepole pine 
  • Bird: Great horned owl


The province of Alberta has several transit systems. Few are named below:

1. Calgary Transit

2. The Edmonton Light Rail Transit(LRT)system 

3. The Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) 

4. LRT (light-rail transit) 
    There are three main lines:
  • Capital Line LRT
  • LRT subway line 
  • Valley Line LRT
5. The CTrain

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